Domestic violence advocate, Alida Tchicamboud is the founder of “Healing Hands DSC_8226International” a non-profit organization designed to support victims of Domestic Violence. She shares her experience to bring hope and restoration. Through social media platforms, and conferences she is committed to providing educational, and empowering healing advises. Her unique and courageous journey from victim of domestic violence, to Overcomer allows her today to be a living testimony of life after abuse. By making her fight against Domestic Violence a mission’s life, Alida  now supports hundreds of Overcomers and she teaches, guides, advises on topics such as “Real life in shelter”, “Undergoing therapy”, “Forgiveness”, and many more subjects. 2018 , being a decisive year, Alida is taking her battle nationwide (conference series in New York City, Maryland and Massachusetts)and internationally (Paris- France) with her slogan “DV is not OK”.